Rajasthan Royals Confirm IPL 8 Fixing : Players name yet be disclosed

The fixing ghost is loving the Rajasthan Royals in IPL. RR are not recovered fully from the previous drama, another approach of a fix has started to haunt them. An RR player was approached for a fix by his Ranji Team Mate a month before. A directly headed to Anti Corruption Team of BBCI and revealed the truth. The Ranji player and the RR player who was approached for Fix for Money are still behind the curtains. Though RR confirmed the Fixing issue just before IPL 8.

Over a month ago, a player from Rajasthan Royals was approached inappropriately by a player (who was not part of the IPL) in connection with the Indian Premier League 2015 matches. Maintaining high standards of integrity, the player informed the Rajasthan Royals management of this inappropriate approach. In keeping with applicable IPL Regulations, Rajasthan Royals management immediately reported the incident to the Anti-Corruption & Security Unit (ACSU) of the BCCI,

The ghost of fixing continues to haunt RR, who were in the news for all the wrong reasons when three of their players were found fixing matches. “Rajasthan Royals in keeping with its zero tolerance approach immediately reported the incident further to the ACSU/BCCI for further process. Rajasthan Royals will continue to provide full support and assistance to the BCCI to ensure that the game of cricket is played in the right spirit. This incident does highlight that if players and other officials cooperate and disclose information or approaches immediately, the game can be kept clean and free from undesirable elements and activities,” he added.

Rahul Dravid, former India captain and mentor of the Rajasthan Royals, had asked for exemplary punishment to tackle fixing last week.

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