Smriti Irani Hidden Camera Shoot Video Clip in Change room at Goa Store

Smriti Irani Victimized of a hidden Camera Video Clip Shooting while changing in trail Room in FabIndia Store at Goa. Smriti Irani on tour of Goa went to FabIndia Showroom to purchase cloths. While changing in Trial Room she noticed a hidden camera in Trial Room and asked her husband in this regards. Later she called Micheal Lobo the BJP legislator with police and ordered the quick interrogation.

A hard disk and the camera have been seized, and the staff of the store are being interrogated.

Talking to a news channel, Lobo said the camera was not easily visible and its lens pointed right into the changing room. He further said that footage from the camera was being recorded in a computer in the manager’s office.

While Irani could not be contacted, Lobo, who was on the spot, said the ruling BJP-led alliance government was taking the matter seriously.

Footage from the camera, installed four months ago according to staff at the store, was being recorded in a computer in the manager’s office, Lobo said, confirming that it held many recordings of people changing in the trial room.

Calangute police, which searched the showroom after a complaint by Lobo, found a CCTV camera installed in the ventilation unit of the room.



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