WBSU Barasat University UG Part III Time Table/Date Sheet

It is hereby notified for information of all concerned that the dates of UG Part-III Hons Examinations, 2015 are scheduled as follows subject to unavoidable changes Theoretical (Hons): Part III

Timings – Full Paper: 12.00-4.00 P.M.   Half Paper:   12.00-2.00 P.M.


Sl. No. Name of Examination Date of Commencement
1. B.Sc./B.Com (Hons) Paper-V,

B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (Major) Paper-V,

BBA Paper-XIV (Old), Paper-T 301 (New)*



2. B.A (Hons) Paper-V 11.05.2015


3. B.Sc./B.Com (Hons) Paper-VI,

B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (Major) Paper-VI,

BBA Paper-XV (Old), Paper-T 302 (New)*



4. B.A (Hons) Paper-VI 13.05.2015


5. B.Sc./B.Com (Hons) Paper-VII,

B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (Major) Paper-VII,

BBA Paper-XVI (Old), Paper-T 303 (New)*



6. B.A (Hons) Paper-VII 15.05.2015


7. B.Sc./B.Com (Hons) Paper-VIII,

B.A./B.Sc./B.Com (Major) Paper-VIII,

BBA Paper-XVII (Old), Paper-T 304 (New)*



8. B.A (Hons) Paper-VIII

BBA Paper-XIX (Old), Paper-T 305 (New)*





Note: 1) Examinations for Hons papers of Geography, Economics, Psychology, F & N and Mathematics for Part-III shall be held under B.Sc. (Hons) while Music Hons shall be under

B.A. (Hons). Examination of a Major paper, B.A. or B.Sc., shall be held on the same day as mentioned in the Routine.

2) Practical Examinations for Part III (Hons) shall be held between 20th May to 1st June, 2015 at designated centres in the presence of External examiners. Part-III General Examinations shall be held between 3rd to 10th June, 2015 and the Schedule shall be intimated shortly.

3) There shall be no Old Syllabus examinations for Botany Hons and Zoology Hons and all casual candidates must sit for papers according to the New Syllabus.

4) * BBA New Syllabus for Marketing/ Finance streams

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